Our project entitled "Creation of Functionalized Thin Film Lubrication Systems by Fine Patterning of Nanometer-Thick Liquid Films" was selected by the Funding Program for Next Generation World-Leading Researchers.
For details, please visit the website of the funding program.

Research Outline

We are focusing on the research of creating functionalized thin film lubrication systems by patterning nanometer-thick liquid films intermediating between two solid surfaces. Such patterning is expected to improve the lubrication performance of nanometer-thick liquid films, thereby ensuring highly reliable and durable relative motion between two solid surfaces through a several-nanometer spacing. Using multiscale approaches integrating simulations and experiments, we are advancing our research in the following directions.

  1. Development of simulation methods for large temporal and spatial scale tribological phenomena
  2. Development of measurement methods for quantification of tribological properties of nanometer-thick liquid films
  3. Fine patterning of nanometer-thick liquid films and elucidation of the patterning mechanism
  4. Establishment of design principles for functionalized thin film lubrication systems

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