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Robert Sparrow: Should we ban gkiller robotsh? Could we?

In July this year, an gOpen Letter from AI & Robotics Researchersh on the topic of gAutonomous Weaponsh, signed by a number of very high profile engineers as well as thousands of other researchers, was presented at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Buenos Aries. In this presentation, I will briefly survey and assess a number of arguments that have been made as to why the development and use of autonomous weapon systems should be prohibited by an international convention. While I am somewhat sceptical about the particular arguments highlighted by the gOpen Letterh, there are, I will argue, a number of good reasons for supporting such a ban. However, even if a ban on the development of these systems is desirable, it remains an open question whether it is possible. I will therefore also discuss the challenges involved in evaluating and regulating robotics research, much of which is gdual useh.

(This presentation will draw upon and develop arguments made here and here)

About the lecturer

Prof. Rob Sparrow is a Professor in the Philosophy Program, a Chief Investigator in the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science, and an adjunct Professor in the Centre for Human Bioethics, at Monash University, where he works on ethical issues raised by new technologies. He is the author of some 70 refereed papers and book chapters on topics as diverse as the ethics of military robotics, human enhancement, artificial gametes, cloning, and nanotechnology. A list of his publications and research interests may be found at: Robert Sparrow's profile.

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