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(Updated 2013/05/27 )

Audio-Visual Science Interdisciplinary Seminar on "Information Retrieval in News Contents" will be held on Friday, July 12.

Audio-Visual Science Interdisciplinary Seminar
[Title] Seminar on Information Retrieval for News Contents
[Date] Friday, July 12, 2013; 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
[Theme] Disputant relation-based classification for contrasting opposing views of contentious news issues
[Speaker] Associate Professor, PhD Kyung Soon LEE (Division of Computer Science and Engineering, Chonbuk National University, Korea)
[Abstract] n this talk, the speaker presents a disputant relation-based classification for contrasting opposing views of contentious news issues. Contentious news issues, such as the health care reform debate, draws much interest from the public. However, it is not simple for an ordinary user to search and contrast the opposing arguments and have a comprehensive understanding of the issues. Providing a classified view of the opposing views of the issues can help readers to easily understand the issue from multiple perspectives. The speaker presents disputant relation-based method for classifying news articles on contentious issues. We observe that the disputants of a contention are an important feature to understand the discourse. It performs unsupervised classification on news articles based on disputant relations, and helps readers intuitively view the articles through the opponent-based frame and attain balanced understanding, free from a specific biased viewpoint. The method is performed in three stages; disputant extraction, disputant partitioning, and article classification. The speaker applied a modified version of HITS algorithm and an SVM classifier trained with pseudo-relevant data for article analysis. The speaker conducted an accuracy analysis and an upper bound analysis for evaluation of the method.
[Location] Room IB014, Center Annex, Integrated Building, Department of Engineering, Nagoya University
[organizer] IEEE Nagoya Branch
[Co-sponsor] Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University
[Contact] Associate Professor, Ichiro IDE (Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University / E-mail:
[Comment] The admission is free. Anyone interested is welcome to attend the seminar.

Dates:July 12th, 2013